Faith or trust?

(Just wrote this on the WWGHA Forum, but I liked it, so I’m reposting it here.)

I wonder if faith is really nothing more than trust in other people: one’s family and one’s community. A believer surely only thinks of his holy book, “this is the word of god”, because other people told him so — people he trusts. He cannot possibly have learned it from another souce, obvioulsy, because all words are ultimately a human creation. The believer’s faith is really just an expression of his trust in those closest to him — too much trust, to be sure, if you are believing what people tell you over what you can see with your own eyes, but it is trust in people all the same.

Trust between people is a vital for any society, and certainly caries a selective evolutionary advantage for the group/family that possesses the gene given its group-bonding function. And then religion, as one aspect of necessary social bonding, is a natural phenomenon. Perhaps it could be considered a hyper-response of normal human trust, because excessive trust can also be dangerous for a group of humans, as the dishonest take advantage of the dupes.


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